Scale up your Google Search sales

Extend your own Google Search text campaigns with more impressions and additional sales on a CPA basis.

Risk-Free, only pay for performance

Complementary to your own campaigns

We have our own bidding algorithm to create and optimise a unique Search campaign. We deliver traffic and sales that are not covered by your own campaigns.

An extra opportunity to lead customers to your website, instead of leading them to your competitors.

We deliver traffic and sales that are not covered by your own campaigns. 

Only pay for approved sales completely risk-free

We set up campaigns on a no-cure nopay basis. We take the risk of investing in your campaign.

No campaign management on your side: everything is done by our experts.

You can determine the CPA percentage and only pay for real and self-approved sales and leads.

Certified in-house Google Ads experts

Benefit from our Google Ads experience, certified support and unique bidding algorithm.

What it looks like


Complements your other marketing channels

Text ads in search engines like Google Search Ads are a good way to complement channels like Shopping.


We place an ad that leads directly to your website

We pay for this ad that leads directly to your website and takes up the spot that one of your competitors might have taken.


Inrease your visibility on Google

In this example we have placed a
prominent ad that leads directly to your website, which increases the likelihood of getting potential customers to your website.

Start with a test

Want to start with a test first?

No problem at all. We can set up a campaign, including all your preferences like excluding your brandname, and you can pause or stop it any day.

How to get started

Connect in your network

We are present on all major affiliate networks. Approve us for your campaign and we will fetch your product feeds from the network.

Campaign start

We manage and optimise your campaign. You can let us know your preferences, and pause or stop any day.

Tracking and approvals

You will start seeing traffic and sales coming in. You can approve/reject sales like you are used to in your network.